President Henry Keeler is the tyrannical President of the United States. He is responsible for the United States pulling out of the United Nations and instigating war with the Afro-Eurasian Armed Forces (AAF) . He uses his Bureau of Internal Security (BIS) to combat the AAF and the National Liberation Front (NLF) on the east coast. He is hated by many citizens, especially those sympathetic to the cause of the NLF. 

History of Henry KeelerEdit

Early Rise to PowerEdit

Keeler's rise to power began back in 2004 when America was in economic turmoil. Keeler was an independent, who managed to get himself on the ballot. Later that year, Keeler is elected by preaching his campaign of "a new era in American history". Immediately after being elected, Keeler imposes heavy taxes on the rich and secures more jobs for the lower class. Economic class divisions are fading away as everyone is knocked down to the same status. He also cuts financial support for the military. Keeler then creates the Bureau of Internal Security two years later. 

Push for Increased IsolationismEdit

Keeler runs for re-election in 2008, winning 97% of the popular vote, a margin unheard of since the election of George Washington in 1788. One year later, reports of bribery and scandal on vote counting and fraud in the electoral college are blown up by the media. As the office of the President retorts claims of fraud, the media reports cease. Keeler later pushes through immigration reform that closed off all borders, essentially isolating the United States. Later in 2011, there was the scandal of the execution of two British MI6 agents in the United States. This preludes the United States leaving the United Nations later that year.

War with the Afro-Eurasian Armed ForcesEdit

Following the withdrawl from the United Nations and the execution of the two British MI6 Agents, the AAF is becoming increasingly worried with the United States. 


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