People within the BIS are soldiers and agents trained specially in order to keep President Keeler's reign strong. Their mindsets range from power-hungry manipulators to desperate men and women trying to stay aligned with civilized society. Well equipped and funded, but lacking in numbers. They are typically non-aggressive towards Refugees unless they are trespassing on their base, or carrying weapons. They are very aggressive against the National Liberation Front (NLF), and will arrest or kill them on sight. Currently though, their headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado, primarly due to Afro-Eurasian Armed Forces (AAF) attacks on the New England area.

Background and OriginEdit

The Bureau of Internal Security was founded in 2006, and was said to be formed as "a last line of defense against internal threats". Their numbers steadily continued to grow throughout the early 21st century, and were responsible for the execution of two MI6 agents found in the United States, an event that essentially isolated the country from the United Nations before they officially withdrew a few months later. By early 2013, the BIS's numbers have reached the point where they can now rival the army. Later that year, all ports and borders are shut down, and the president refuses to step down. He uses the BIS as his personal army to control the country.

Notable MembersEdit

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